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Walkie Talkie

With our walkie-talkie, you can have a clear communication, even over long distances.


Problems You Might Face

Without Connectivity, You're Left Out.

It’s undeniable that most people spend 75% of their time on work rather than staying at home. Therefore, working environment is one of the important element that employee always concern about. Not only comfortable, it must be safe to them as well.

The Limitation of Using WiFi Connection

There are many limitations with WiFi when it comes to providing connectivity. One of the major problems is coverage and congestion in congested areas. This problem is solved by using distributed antenna systems (DAS). 

What is DAS? The New Solution For You

DAS is a distributed antenna system that provides reliable broadband connectivity in rural and remote areas. More than that, it could also delivers excellent signal quality and high-speed wireless access to users in high-traffic areas. For instance, airports, hotels, convention centers, transportation hubs and hospitals. 

Besides, it has been used to provide public with Wi-Fi hotspots in some places because it doesn’t require users to be within direct line-of-sight from an antenna tower like conventional Wi-Fi technology does which makes it possible for most people with wireless enabled devices or phones to connect anywhere inside the coverage area without having any dead zones.

The DAS then distributes this signal throughout the facility via strategically positioned antennas that are connected back to a switch in the central hub location where all of your connected devices will connect back wirelessly from anywhere inside your facility.

With DAS you can be more connected than ever. You always have a signal and you never need to worry about data usage!!

Advantage of Choosing Our Indoor Solution

Increase Radio Communications

The DAS is installed in the ceiling and it can cover a large area with signals of several radios, which are connected to different antennas with signal amplifiers. It also provides efficient wireless coverage of geographically large areas such as campuses – where users typically roam about - without interfering with other sites nearby operating at similar frequencies.

Comply with Local Mandates

Since the system is shared, it reduces the load on any specific carrier and does not discriminate against one carrier over another. As well, it allows the company to have an infrastructure in place that will be able to meet the needs of their customers, while also maintaining compliance with local laws.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Multiple towers can share costs by working together to transmit information on multiple frequencies at once, saving companies money on their IT budgets because they don't need as many people monitoring the system or replacing faulty parts as quickly since there are more backups in place.

Special Functions Of Our Walkie Talkie

People can talk and listen to each other from long distances away.


Our walkie-talkie make you easy to communicate with others in close proximity. They are good for both indoor and outdoor use.


Our products contain noise filter that are able to improves signal clarity and range. It can be used in any environment.

Battery Life

With our long-lasting & rechargable walkie-talkie, the average range of battery life is about 15 hours.

100% Premium Quality

We use only Genuine Motorola parts. Guarantee water resistance & anti-dust.

Why Over 1000+ Clients
Choose Our Walkie Talkie

Our walkie talkies are always ready to go with a full battery and a fresh set of batteries for each one.

Voice Recording

This function is perfect for those who want to stay connected without having the hassle of texting.

Text Messaging

It allows you to talk hands-free, which is great for those who like to multitask or have their hands full.

GPS Tracking

This function is perfect for people who work in the fields where safety is a concern. It allows you to know exactly where your workers are and if they need help.

Quality Tested

We will ensure all of our two-way radio repairs are in a good condition (quality tested) before being returned.

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