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Walkie Talkie

With our walkie-talkie, you can have a clear communication, even over long distances.


Special Functions Of Our Walkie Talkie

People can talk and listen to each other from long distances away.


Our walkie-talkie make you easy to communicate with others in close proximity. They are good for both indoor and outdoor use.


Our products contain noise filter that are able to improves signal clarity and range. It can be used in any environment.

Battery Life

With our long-lasting & rechargable walkie-talkie, the average range of battery life is about 15 hours.

100% Premium Quality

We use only Genuine Motorola parts. Guarantee water resistance & anti-dust.

Why Over 1000+ Clients Choose Our Walkie Talkie

Our walkie talkies are always ready to go with a full battery and a fresh set of batteries for each one.

Voice Recording

This function is perfect for those who want to stay connected without having the hassle of texting.

Text Messaging

It allows you to talk hands-free, which is great for those who like to multitask or have their hands full.

GPS Tracking

This function is perfect for people who work in the fields where safety is a concern. It allows you to know exactly where your workers are and if they need help.

Quality Tested

We will ensure all of our two-way radio repairs are in a good condition (quality tested) before being returned.

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